CATALYST 2014 – Won’t Fit In a Nutshell

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So many things that can be told about Catalyst this year, but mere words are not capable of capturing the essence of – or all that was contained, communicated, and “caught” in – this year’s experience.

Following is just a sample of potent quotes, thoughts, gleaned learnings, and shared ideas – from the first session – for your reading pleasure.  (Direct quotes are in italics)

Matt Redman:

“You can be mindful of situations and circumstances in your life, but magnify God!” instead of magnifying those things.

Personally, it delights my soul when Christ-followers can rejoice, dance, shout, sing, and have a party while celebrating that we were loved enough for Christ to die, that we have been freely given grace and forgiveness, and that we have real hope and a future. Matt was leading a worship celebration and the place was, literally, jumping… “There’s a reason for our rejoicing and substance behind our shouting!”  Absolutely. Right!

Andy Stanley:

2 questions that you should be asking in order to determine what God has called you, specifically, to do.  1) Who are you?  and 2) What breaks your heart?

“There’s an inexorable correlations between leadership and change.”

“A great leader makes things better.  A great leader changes things that aren’t working. Great leaders fix things that are broken.” If a leader can’t fix necessary things because of resistance to change, it may be time to evaluate if that is where God has placed you to lead. “The status quo has driven some leaders out of the local church so that they can actually get back to ministry.”  If a leader looks to blame congregants, circumstances, or co-leaders instead of accepting responsibility for brokenness or stagnancy, he/she is no longer a great leader. “Blame is perhaps the greatest change avoidance strategy.  Great leaders don’t blame….. You can’t lead without intersecting with change.”

“Great leaders change things.  Broken-hearted leaders do great things…What breaks your heart may be the greatest thing God will use you to change.”

“You are called to change things in the arena of what breaks your heart.”

“Don’t opt for purposelessness because of fear!”

Think about this: Many years from now, what would you like people to line up and thank you for?

“What God originates God orchestrates.” If God has originated your broken heart then He will orchestrate the “how”… but He has gifted you in leadership FOR the how!

“1. Who are you?  2. What breaks your heart?  God has called you to change it!  And He says ‘Fear not, for I am with you!'”

Can YOU answer those 2 questions?  Think about them.  Pray about them.  Consider them carefully.  The answers  will give you a cue to what the God of the Universe has called you to change!

So what do ya think?

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